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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Nak menafikan pula??? Apa kata anda..??

Baik,persoalannya, benarkah apa yang didakwa oleh Dr. Rahman?
Tian Chua awal-awal lagi menafikannya. Berikut adalah kenyataannya yang dipetik dari http://www.mole.my.
Speaking to The Mole, Tian Chua, who is the MP for Batu described the allegation as the worse type of lie and it was meant to undermine the installation ceremony.
“To me, they just want to taint the royal function for cheap publicity and political mileage. This is a very vicious thing to do to undermine the ceremony,” he said.
Tian Chua was responding to allegations, highlighted by some blogs including AIDC, Gerakan Anti PKR and The Unspinners, which accused him and Azmin of ridiculing some of the Rulers.
Tian Chua however refused to comment further when asked if he would institute legal action on those he said had made the false accusations against him.
In his Twitter account, Tian Chua posted: “Not enough with the personal attacks, now UMNO cyber troopers want to damage the royal ceremony”
Dan berikut adalah kenyataan yang dibuat Ahli Parlimen Hulu Selangor, P. Kamalanathan melalui twitternya yang disahkan kepada Mynewshub.my ketika dihubungi petang ini.
Seperti yang disebut Dr. Rahman, Kamalanathan duduk di belakang wakil-wakil rakyat yang dimaksudkan itu.

Apa kata anda?

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