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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Bersih 3.0, LGBT Demonstrations To Run Simultaneously At Dataran Merdeka

This coming Saturday, April 28, 2012, might be the day to be written in history where there might be a big number of Malaysians rallying to support demands made by Bersih 3.0 in making sure that Malaysia would have clean and fair election, but at the same time, they also want to show the world that Pakatan Rakyat approve of gender equality that is a lot better than Barisan Nasional (BN).
Writer was told by Datuk Ambiga Sreevanasan, Bersih 3.0′s Chairman that she is taking the chance from the rally to focus on the issue of gender equality when the Seksualiti Merdeka Assembly was stopped by the police without any relevant reason.
Ambiga, as the Chairman of Seksualiti Merdeka, and the backbone of the program along with Malaysian Bar Council.
As a web portal that is consistent in supporting fair treatment on LGBT among rakyat, we fully support all efforts made by Ambiga. Other than promoting Pakatan Rakyat as an organization that acknowledges LGBT within the society, it could at the same time attract the group to join Bersih 3.0.
With 500,000 target attendance, Pakatan Rakyat would need as much support from everyone.
From feedback writer has received from LGBT group. it has been very good. A few of them said that they are willing to join the huge assembly without having any fear of actions that might be inflicted on them by the authorities.
According to them, this is their moment to show the world how they really are, without having any fear from national authorities.
Writer was also informed that a local entertainment club at Jalan P Ramlee which really supports LGBT, would send members of the club to provide support during the assembly as a show of support and at the same time to protest on the government’s discrimination against them.
Writer would like to mention about the discrimination that is brought to the group does not have to do anything with religion. Like what writer has always mentioned regarding the same issue, this group has been with our society (like it or not), and what they are fighting for is actually discrimination that is made by the general public.
In this matter, writer would like to refer to actions made by a group of men who attacked drag queens in Kuantan recently, where police took quite a lot of time to catch the culprit even though reports had been made for quite a long time.
We would not want the same incident to ever happen at other places around the country because it would only destruct the country’s reputation and image in eyes of the world, and with Bersih 3.0 and LGBT demonstrations done simultaneously, it would be a great platform to fight for the issue.

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